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Debunking the Myth: Exploring the Role of Border Regions in European Identity Formation


by Dr Moritz Rehm, Prof. Dr. Martin Schröder, and Prof. Dr. Georg Wenzelburger (Saarland University) The enduring romanticized notion that border regions serve as the quintessential embodiment of European identity has long captured our collective imagination. However, recent scholarly inquiry challenges this assumption, suggesting that the emotional attachment to Europe among individuals residing in border […]

Why does the EU not learn how to improve its democracy support practices?


by Christian Achrainer & Michelle Pace, Roskilde University (RUC) The EU has aimed to support democratization in Arab countries for decades, yet the region is still one of the most authoritarian in the world. What is most striking is that the EU has apparently not learnt from its past ineffective democracy support (DS) attempts but […]

Frames and Issue Linkage: EU Trade Policy in the Geoeconomic Turn


by Andrea Christou (University of Edinburgh) and Chad Damro (University of Edinburgh) Changes underway in the global political economy, including Sino-American tensions and the Covid-19 pandemic, are increasingly identified as creating new challenges and raising difficult questions about the role of prominent traders like the European Union (EU). While trade policy has long been connected […]

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