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Business Power and Geoeconomics in the European Union


by Sandra Eckert (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg) The global economic order has shifted dramatically over the past decade, moving from a business-centred liberal logic of trade and commerce to a politicised logic of conflict and power maximisation. This geoeconomic turn, the theme of a Special Issue forthcoming with JCMS, has also materialised in the European Union (EU) […]

The ideational power of strategic autonomy in EU security and external economic policies


by Ana E. Juncos, Bristol University and Sophie Vanhoonacker, Maastricht University EU Strategic autonomy: different trajectories in security and external economic relations Global shifts in power distribution and successive international crises have challenged key ideas and policies underpinning European Union (EU) external action and led to the formulation of a new narrative in which geopolitical […]

The EU’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine: Invoking norms and values


by Giselle Bosse (Maastricht University) The EU’s response to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia in February 2022 has been unprecedented, displaying rare unity among its member states, especially during the first four months following the invasion. The EU agreed on far-reaching economic and financial sanctions, the most severe sanctions ever imposed by the EU […]

The gap between political and judicial subsidiarity


by Ton van den Brink (Utrecht University), Martijn Huysmans (Utrecht University) and Philippe van Gruisen (Leiden University) The subsidiarity principle, which says the EU should not overreach and leave as much freedom as possible to the Member States, got a real boost from the Treaty of Lisbon. Nonetheless, a significant gap between the political and […]

Institutional quality and geography of discontent in the EU


by Burhan Can Karahasan (MEF University) and Mehmet Pinar (Universidad de Sevilla and Istanbul Bilgi University)   In the 2016 Referendum, with a Leave vote of 51.89%, the United Kingdom (UK) became the first country to withdraw from the European Union (EU) officially. While the political and economic consequences of the Brexit process are still […]

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